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        3. Basic Ed


          TOPS – TOP 100 Outstanding Performing Students


          The progress of a nation largely depends on its manpower.? It is therefore the responsibility of the government to provide relevant education and training to the people to ensure that they are properly trained to do what is expected of them to alleviate the national status of the country specifically in terms of economy.

          As a concerned educational institution, Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) recognized the need for private schools to work alongside the government in terms of providing necessary education and training to the youth who will become the vanguards … [Read more]


          • Integrated with Microsoft Professional Certifications, Students will be given the opportunity to obtain Microsoft Technology Specialist Certifications in C#.NET Web Programming and SQL Server 2008
          • Open source technology: HTML 4.0/5.0, Java, Moodle, MySQL, PHP
          • Industry technology: C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2012/2008
          • Benchmarked against international and industry standards Enhanced classroom environment through online (E-learning) content and delivery
          • Focused on industry trends in Information Technology and Computer Science (Mobile, Web Technology, Game Design)

            [Read more]

          Featured Articles


          Featured Articles

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          Southville IB spearheads the Fight against Hunger.

          To celebrate World Food Day and to respond to this global challenge, Southville IB launched a project called the Hunger Game last October 16. In the said project, students and teachers from Preschool to College were invited to visit the freerice.com and answer the vocabulary game. For every answer that they got right, they donated 10 grains of rice through a sponsor to the World Food Program of the United Nations.

          SISC IB Students Joined International Conference on Global Issues

          Southville International … [Read more]

          Supreme Student Council Officers

          [Read more]

          Tips in Encouraging Students to Join School Clubs

          More often than not, parents are always worrying about their child whether they’re staying too much time indoors or outdoors. “You should go out more” parents will say when they find their child staying in his room for weeks without having a social interaction. Whereas, they will say, “You should go home early” when their child is having a good time with his friends outside. Either of the two, one resolve can be brought up – that is, asking students to join a school club instead. Not only parents can easily monitor the activities of their children through the school … [Read more]


          Opportunities for Multimedia Arts Graduates

          Today’s technologically advanced society has become a catalyst of the increasing opportunity for those studying the multimedia arts course. Career chances under this specialization are wide-range and can include positions in various fields such as publishing, design, advertising, and many more.?[read more…]

          Student Tips: Back to School Reminders

          The end of summer vacation is just around the corner. It is once again the time to start preparing everything that will be needed in going back to school. Aside from completing school supplies, uniforms, and enrollment procedures, here are few reminders that may help students … [Read more]

          News Archive Academic Year: 2013-2014

          Get SMART this summer
          Math Whiz Earns National and International Success
          Artist wins first place in poster making contest
          Multimedia Arts Holds Chiaroscuro: A Tale of Opposites
          Southville Songbird soars to national finals
          Math whiz makes it to select summer camp
          Karatekas win big in inter-school tournament
          Maestro Arnel de Pano Teaches Choral Music to SISC Students in Open Workshop
          Southville honors TOP Students
          Southville Night School Emerged Winners in Stock Trading?
          Southville Holds 2nd Letras Y Pinturas Exhibit
          Southville Mathletes Earned Top Scores in International Math Competition
          Southville Mathletes Earned Top Scores in International Math Competition
          Southville Young karter [Read more]

          SISC: Guiding by own example

          Southville International School and Colleges is one of the leading?international schools in the Philippines?that aims to equip each student with the 5C’s which the institution itself possesses:

          Southville International School and Colleges is internationally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), USA to administer the K-12 Program.

          Along with the roster of educational institution also accredited by WASC are the leading schools in the U.S.A. such as Stanford University, Pepperdine University and University of California.

          The SISC community has been working on some outreach programs aiming to lend a hand to those in … [Read more]

          They had a Break, They made it Great!

          College Comprehensive Growth Series



          The Sophomore Psychology students had their last Comprehensive Growth Series (CGS) last August 12 – 13, 2014 at THE FARM, Barrio Manalo, Dasmari?as, Cavite. The CGS is a reflection type of instruction which is part of the Institutional Course (IC3) – Values Development. The overnight activity aims to provide activities for profound reflection and discernment of their personal values. It also manifests discovery and learning strategies necessary to nurture and further develop their values personally and as a group.

          The CGS served as an instrument to decompress the students’ minds and bodies from a … [Read more]

          Things to Remember When Applying in an International School

          Being a teacher in an international school is a very demanding and stressful job, but it also opens a door for different and great opportunities like meeting different people and encountering a diverse culture. If you want to experience the other part of the world through teaching, there are several international schools in Manila that you can choose from. There are some of pieces of advice to remember when applying as a teacher. .

          Prepare Curriculum Vitae
          CV is one way to know the candidate applying for the international school. It should have some details about your teaching experiences and … [Read more]

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