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        3. Basic Ed

          TOPS Awardees announced

          Southville Global Education Network (SGEN) through the Responsive Educational Assistance Program (REAP) recently awarded scholarship grants to high school graduates (AY 2012-2013) from public, private and science high schools who topped the Search for the Top Outstanding Performing Students (TOPS).

          Topping the search is Ardonuel T. Bautista of Las Pi?as Science High School who is now on full scholarship in Southville International School and Colleges (SISC). Other awardees who were given 50% to 100% discount on tuition and other fees are Joseff L. Perez, Ralph Lauren T. Abainza, Zymar Z. Timtim, Rosemae M. Gatilogo, Nicolette D. Bautista, Alexander L. Jr. … [Read more]

          Southville alumna graduates from college with flying colors

          Southville HS Alumna Alyanna Ong graduated with a double degree in Applied Economics and Management of Financial Institutions at De La Salle University-Manila with the following awards:

          ? Honorable Mention
          ? Outstanding Thesis
          ? Athletic Award

          In an article she wrote in The Lasallian, the student publication of DLSU, Alyanna shared how thankful she is of her parents. She said, “What a journey it has been and I have no regrets. It was worth all the hardships and sacrifices. Not everyone knows how my parents were there every step of the way. Ever since my Southville days, to my RP … [Read more]

          Southville grad in Top 10 of nursing board exams

          Southville International School and Colleges once again proved its competitiveness in providing quality education as one of its Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates made it to the Top 10 in the Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) held last May 2015.

          John Anthony Ngo got a rating of 84.80 percent to place 8th in the Nursing Licensure Examination conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission. Southville remains one of the best performing schools offering nursing degree in the Philippines. Southville Nursing Class 2015 obtained a passing rate of 97 percent which is way above the 54.26 percent national passing rate.

          Only 9,707 … [Read more]

          Southville Holds HASHTAG at Alabang Town

          Designed to spread awareness of today’s social issues, fourth year Multimedia Arts students of Southville International School and Colleges recently organized an Art Exhibit at Alabang Town Center.

          Dubbed as Hashtag, the event aimed to address social issues like racism, corruption, religion, equality, and pollution, and pierce through people’s consciousness their reality.

          The students started preparing for this big project last December 2014. They worked hard for two and a half months to create an impact in their viewers. The students firmly believe the exhibit will change people’s perspective on social issues and feel the need to be proactive.

          Hashtag … [Read more]

          Southville conducts Essay Writing workshop at Fully Booked

          For its third activity in the “Learn the Southville Way at Fully Booked series,” Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) administered an Essay Writing workshop at Fully Booked Alabang Town Center last October 24, 2015. Grade School and High School students from institutions such as Bloomfield Academy, Stonyhurst Southville International School-Batangas, and Maria Montessori attended the event. Ms. Ann Coleman, Basic Education faculty, together with Chloe Jundez and Nathalie Butler, editors of The Mover, facilitated the workshop.

          Showing great interest in the lecture, the participants took down notes, listened attentively, and participated actively in the discussion. Ms. Coleman and The … [Read more]

          Working Toward Students’ Success through Parental Involvement

          In general, college is seen as a transition period from adolescence to adulthood, a place where students explore a new environment and separate from their dependent roles and begin to identify as individuals. Traditionally, parents’ or guardians’ involvement at this level is perceived in a negative light. However, in Southville’s College of Nursing, parents’ and guardians’ involvement is seen as a welcome partnership. We believe that parents play a key role in student success. Studies have provided evidence that suggests that students who experience significant parental involvement have better chances of being academically successful and socially successful in their higher … [Read more]

          Southville volleyball contingent makes history

          The Southville boys volleyball team won the championship in the International Schools Athletic Conference (ISAC) held in Cebu International School last October 22-26, 2014. This is the first time Southville won the very elusive travelling trophy for the volleyball tournament. The Monarchs bested teams from Cebu International School, British School – Manila, Faith Academy – Mindanao, Brent International School – Subic, Brent International School – Baguio, and Brent International School – Manila.

          The SISC girls volleyball team on the other hand finished 2nd runner-up. By virtue of their victories, the SISC Monarchs are now ranked number 1 in the current … [Read more]

          Southville Awards T.O.P.S.

          Out of more than a hundred students from all over the country who took the competitive Top Outstanding Performing Students (T.O.P.S.) examinations of Southville International School and Colleges (SISC), twenty hopefuls are one step closer to reaching their dreams of pursuing college education in an international educational institution.

          They were lauded during the T.O.P.S. awarding ceremony held last February 29, 2012 at the School of the Future (SOF) – SISC Media Center. Scholarship grants in the different courses of SISC, as well as South SEED LPDH College (SSLC), were made available to the successful examinees.

          Below is the list of … [Read more]

          Southville PASS research activities go full blast

          The P.A.S.S. or Portfolio Assessment for Students of Southville International School and Colleges. Research Program teaches the graduating students the value of scientific inquiry and advancement of knowledge. It provides them opportunities to demonstrate the various competencies they acquired in the different subject areas like English (writing and organization), Science (investigatory projects/experimental research), Mathematics (statistics/graphs), and History (historical analysis and perspective).
          Graduating students in High School and Grade School are now very busy with their PASS research.

          Below are some of the experimental research topics of Grade 6 graduating students:

          ? Sean Gutierrez – “Citronella and Citriodol in Fabric Conditioner”… [Read more]

          Asian Language Teachers Certification: Toward Asean 2015

          English Language Teachers from the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Israel met in Hanoi for the six-day Propell Teacher Workshops in the various components of the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). Jennifer Sakano and Elizabeth Park, Assessment and Program directors respectively of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) flew in from Princeton, New Jersey to conduct the workshop in the posh Pullman Hotel.


          The Philippine contingent made up of Language teachers from Southville International School and Colleges, Lyceum of the Philippines (Batangas, Cavite and Laguna), Mapua Institute of Technology and De La Salle University of … [Read more]

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