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        3. MUN Delegates Relive Their Experience

          “Thank you for those who believed in us even when it seemed like this event wouldn’t push through.”
          Those were my last few words as the event that my Deputy Secretary-General, Conway Wong, and I had stayed countless nights for was coming to an end. My eyes were teary as I had witnessed my four years of Model United Nation (MUN) experience finally amount to an event that I used to deem inconceivable—an official SISC MUN debate event.

          Conway and I were at the closing ceremony of Model United Nation Assembly (MUNA) 2018 when we proposed the mutual idea of formulating Southville International School and College’s own International Baccalaureate (IB)-led debate event. Initially, it was our focal aim to hone the skills of our younger fellow MUN members by opening a pathway of experience, as well as a medium for familiarity and confidence—especially in an unaccustomed field which requires students to not only debate, but also to take part in the larger picture of resolving actual real-world issues.

          The night that we got back from MUNA, we had already begun planning SISC’s very own debate event so we can get early approval from our school heads. Prior to setting a specific and realistic plan of execution, we underestimated the amount of work and details we had to take into consideration before holding an event of this magnitude. Because it was our first time to organize an event as large as this, we were in a race with time scheduling the venues, sending invitations to other schools, setting an ideal event date, and finalizing the minor details that make up the whole event itself. We were able to resolve quickly any issues we came across because we were consistent in rooting and striving for this event to successfully push through. I am thankful not only for the support of our IB coordinators, Sir John Wraith and Ms. Armie Ababa who helped us in the execution of this event, but also the untiring assistance of our MUN Club Director, Sir Jude Russel Cuntapay, who saw us through the end.
          Overall, SISC MUN 2018 was a successful event. Receiving an average of 4.5 out of 5 feedback rating from our participating delegates, I felt as if all of our hard work has come to fruition. As an organizer of the first official SISC MUN, I am definitely looking forward to the potential improvement of this event over time for the sole purpose of furthering our mission to create a platform for students’ engagement and contributions in resolving relevant world-issues, which is the soul of MUN itself.

          溆浦| 洞头| 五指山| 张家界| 衢州| 如皋| 东乡| 赤水| 岷县| 丹寨| 高力板| 新河| 安塞| 依安| 沁源| 邹城| 邗江| 冷水滩| 神农架| 合作| 泰山| 运城| 漳州| 富顺| 信丰| 商洛| 花垣| 昌图| 东川| 南溪| 临沂| 梅州| 宁强| 旌德| 建平| 房县| 普定| 丰都| 南汇| 屏边| 同江| 怀集| 西青| 石首| 东明| 渭南| 大庆| 江夏| 孝义| 石阡| 怀安| 镇原| 青神| 涿州| 博乐| 原阳| 合江| 乌拉特中旗| 西峰| 秦安| 海力素| 独山| 蔡甸| 阜平| 邻水| 昭苏| 广州| 乐陵| 长乐| 翁牛特旗| 瑞金| 师宗| 巴彦诺尔贡| 余姚| 江安| 峨眉| 理县| 麻江| 弥勒| 漳平| 正宁| 高力板| 应城| 阿拉善左旗| 梅州| 宁陵| 绥滨| 滑县| 策勒| 深圳| 榆次| 永安| 嫩江| 山阴| 鹿邑| 明光| 蒲江| 岳阳| 德化| 上高| 郧西| 玛沁| 易县| 惠东| 安阳| 乌审召| 和硕| 北辰| 莫索湾| 廉江| 米泉| 芜湖县| 岳西| 恩平| 斋堂| 察哈尔右翼中旗| 察布查尔| 余姚| 淅川| 新和| 安塞| 防城港| 常州| 固安| 吉水| 林州| 剑川| 故城| 明溪| 合浦| 个旧| 西乡| 西华| 师宗| 乐陵| 定日| 临夏| 古丈| 会东| 攀枝花| 青铜峡| 贵德| 闻喜| 乌伊岭| 长安| 武川| 靖州| 武功| 镇远| 栖霞| 镇宁| 栾城| 比如| 霞浦| 南坪| 兴城| 邯郸| 招远| 班戈| 循化| 轮台| 米脂| 镇赉| 西昌| 临潭| 阳原| 邕宁| 大武口| 铜陵| 宁武| 湖口| 合阳| 永嘉| 巫山| 陇县| 杞县| 来宾| 曲阳| 灵邱| 唐河| 淇县| 杞县| 民勤| 磁县| 平乐| 桥口| 曲麻莱| 新干| 商洛| 太华山| 钟山| 三穗| 胶州| 宁都| 阿城| 郸城| 新干| 宝山| 廊坊| 保定| 景县| 唐山| 平陆| 科尔沁右翼中旗| 双辽| 崂山| 台山| 虞城| 巴仑台| 阜宁| 安泽| 桂阳| 郓城| 南澳| 徐水| 林州| 会昌| 广元| 海淀| 集贤| 平定| 滁州| 通山| 桐庐| 赤壁| 同德| 华阴| 甘南| 喜德| 肥西| 三河| 晴隆| 平利| 茂县| 富平| 武宁| 法库| 永昌| 洪雅| 兴和| 太原| 高邮| 文成| 绍兴| 麻阳| 纳雍| 江安| 临安| 阿拉尔| 宜春| 东台| 翼城| 南坪| 泽库| 铜梁| 响水| 易门| 烟台| 襄阳| 钦州| 通化县| 溆浦| 塘沽| 海渊| 五指山| 自贡| 甘孜| 惠州| 界首| 定西| 昔阳| 怒江| 尤溪| 富县| 大方| 海阳| 华容| 黄骅| 无为| 江城| 微山| 温县| 安化| 维西| 都安| 凉城| 栾城| 太仆寺旗| 潢川| 天峻| 抚宁| 全州| 韶山| 郫县| 江西沟| 西和| 河南| 定海| 河南| 郏县| 南江| 和田| 黄山区| 沂源| 房县| 濉溪| 曲江| 南澳| 柳江| 科尔沁左翼中旗| 理塘| 永善| 永安| 玛多| 济南| 珊瑚岛| 营口| 澄江| 博湖| 胡尔勒| 梅县| 诸城| 普格| 固阳| 华阴| 邳州| 铜陵| 天全| 茂名| 佛爷顶| 古浪| 中牟| 苏州| 环县| 武安| 怒江| 靖安| 文登| 江津| 无为| 阳曲| 三江| 博湖| 甘孜| 雅布赖| 资兴| 乌兰浩特| 连江| 资源| 吉兰太| 浚县| 成都| 永兴| 巴塘| 建宁| 桑植| 公安| 班戈| 定州| 贞丰| 焉耆| 塘沽| 凤台| 永济| 祁门| 清水河| 平昌| 二连浩特| 芜湖| 景谷| 普兰店| 墨玉| 平罗| 余庆| 硇洲| 北川| 什邡| 金寨| 新蔡| 莱阳| 蓟县| 开化| 周至| 浦东| 乌兰| 新兴| 文水| 赫山区| 莱州| 泸州| 昌图| 韩城| 浚县| 岳西| 台江| 乐至| 绍兴| 长阳| 临汾| 公主岭