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        3. Nursing Education at Southville Brings together Rigor and Fun thru IDEA Box

          Nursing Education at Southville Brings together Rigor and Fun thru IDEA Box

          The Nursing Education at Southville provides a balance of strong academic rigor and fun. “We are very excited with the results of the Licensure exam. It posed for us another challenge to face. We have to step up our game in the delivery of the upcoming BSN outcomes-based curriculum, not losing sight of our core vision to develop graduates to be world-class nurses with a ?compassionate heart for service,” shares Dean Carmel Villegas. The Southville Nursing Class of 2018 achieved a 100% passing rate while producing three topnotchers: Laurice Sobong, Katrina Dauden and Tamam Aburayyan.

          This September, apart from the academic rigor, Nursing students will be busy with their?Makerspace?project activity, a?Nursing IDEA Box?in September.? Soon everyone gets to see what they have built from idea to a visual feast!

          Southville College of Nursing has continuously provided its students with a balance of academics and activities to make learning more enduring.

          As shared by Alumnus Lambert Laluz, “The Nursing program in Southville is truly unique. I felt at home and the people who surrounded me gave me the will and confidence to pursue greater heights.?Until now, I still hold dear the values imparted to me back in college and they haven’t failed me.?As I see it, the Nursing program will continue to get even better as time passes by.”

          The BSN program at SISC has a strong liberal arts and sciences education with a transdisciplinary approach that assists students in gaining knowledge, attitudes, and skills essential to safe, quality nursing practice in a variety of settings. It has also, threaded through the II, III and IV year levels, development of competencies in simple research and evidence-based practice.

          Graduates of this program demonstrate the beginners’ professional competencies and are well prepared to take local and international examination such as the Philippine Nurses’ Licensure Exam (PNLE), CGFNS, NCLEX for licensure as Registered Nurse (R.N.) and IELTS, TOEFL, TSE for English proficiency. Successful completion of the licensing examination qualifies the graduate to assume a beginning staff nurse position in a hospital or agency; and is qualified to pursue post-graduate studies or advance professional training.

          Know more about the Library IDEA Box and discover how exciting Nursing Program at Southville is. Visit? https://officeofthelibrary.wixsite.com/theluxlibrary/single-post/2018/08/31/Project-Nursing-IDEA-BOX-in-September?– (c) Mr. Roderick Ramos

          Nursing students will be busy beginning today including the coming week with their Makerspace project activity, a Nursing IDEA Box in September. Soon everyone gets to see what they have built from idea to a visual feast! We are all excited what it’s gonna be? Dean Carmelita Villegas and Nursing faculty members join and supervise students’ design thinking process. ?Qué va a ser?

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